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When the current lease period is nearing its conclusion, it becomes necessary to address the future occupancy of the subject premises. Whether this means looking at the application of the lease extension or renewal provisions in the current lease agreement or determining how to secure the next tenant for this particular location, commercial landlords need to understand their legal rights when seeking to assure the continued occupancy of their leased property for the optimal return.

Dealing with the completion of the existing lease arrangement can be a very stressful time, especially when there is a degree of uncertainty with respect to the future tenancy and/or the lease rates that will be charged. As a commercial landlord is seeking to tackle these challenges, it is always beneficial to draw upon the legal insights of an experienced leasing lawyer.

At Neufeld Legal P.C., our legal practice includes extensive work in the areas of negotiating, reviewing and drafting lease agreements, including assisting commercial landlords with moving forward with situations arising when the current lease term comes to an end, whether by way of the lease's renewal or extension, or when seeking out a new lessee., 403-400-4092 (Alberta), 416-887-9702 (Ontario)

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Leasing lawyer Chris Neufeld's legal practice includes the representation of landlords and tenants in commercial leasing transactions, including office, retail, industrial, warehouse, government and special use properties, principally in the Alberta and Ontario real estate markets, with its principal office at 77 Tuscany Ridge Mews NW, Calgary, Alberta.  For more extensive legal information on leasing visit us at Copyright 2008-14.

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