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Commercial lease arrangements are driven by the underlying lease agreement that the landlord and tenant have negotiated and executed. And whereas there is significant give-and-take when it comes to specific financial terms with respect to the lease, when it comes to the legal terms that dictate the lease operations and the tenant's legal obligations, the commercial landlord needs to be firm in his resolve. The new lease agreement that is to be entered into needs to be stingently drafted by the landlord's legal counsel and structured to make the obligations of the tenant stringently enforced.

A solid new lease agreement makes considerable sense when looking to lease your commercial property to a tenant for anywhere from 10 to 20 years, such that the landlord has appropriate legal recourse to attain what the landlord believes that he is due. It cannot be abstract belief, but needs to be clearly written into the agreement for it to be enforceable. Otherwise, you will have considerable difficulty in enforcing your position years in the future, especially if you are relying on an inadequate and/or out-of-date lease agreement.

At Neufeld Legal P.C., our legal practice includes extensive work in the areas of negotiating, reviewing and drafting lease agreements, including working with commercial landlords in drafting up-to-date commercial lease agreements that are in line with the business specifications of the particular lease arrangement and real estate., 403-400-4092 (Alberta), 416-887-9702 (Ontario)

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